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As a creative, have you ever felt like your work wasn’t good enough? Have you ever struggled with feeling like you should be better by now, should create bigger masterpieces, or that your work is constantly falling short of your own expectations? 

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Episode 15: How to Grow Your Confidence as a Creative

Last week I shared about a huge win on Instagram, and the caption along with it was all about goal setting and how I was able to reach this goal that I officially wrote down in July of 2020, but honestly had been on my mind for longer than that.

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How to actually set and accomplish your business goals as a creative entrepreneur

As a website designer, I’ve seen my fair share of good, bad, and ugly when it comes to website design and copy.  Last week’s episode was all about the DIY website mistakes I see people making and how you can fix them, but today, I wanted to talk about something a lot of people neglect […]

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Copywriting tips for creatives from a designer

As a Showit website designer, I frequently see DIY websites with easy to fix mistakes that are costing you business. In this episode I share how you can easily fix your website!

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Episode 12: DIY Website Mistakes That Are Costing You Business

Using Profit First in my creative business has allowed me to grow my business, pay myself, and confidently invest back into the business. Learn more about how I apply Profit First!

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Episode 11: Using Profit First to build a profitable business and manage finances

This episode of the Hygge Hour Podcast is all about how to nail down your creative offerings to grow and scale your business intentionally. It’s such a delicate balance of staying focused, while growing your business.

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Episode 10: How to figure out your offerings to grow and scale your creative business

Pinterest has huge potential to help us creative entrepreneurs reach more people. In this episode of The Hygge Hour Podcast I’m sharing exactly how you can use Pinterest for your business!

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Episode 9: Pinterest Marketing For Creative Entrepreneurs

Tune in: Apple | Spotify Whenever I mention Norway on my Instagram I always seem to get at least one comment along the lines of “wait you’re not from here”  Because despite my best efforts to clearly explain why and how I ended up in North Carolina, it’s easy to miss. I barely have an accent, and American […]

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Episode 8: Comparing Norway vs The US

When was the last time you said no to something in business without feeling guilty about it? Learning to say no can feel difficult, but is a crucial part in bringing more hygge to our life and business.

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Episode 7: The Power of Saying No

Strategic testimonials can convert website visitors into clients without any sales effort from you. It’s the magic solution to increasing sales.

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Episode 6: The Key To Testimonials That Convert


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