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Episode 9: Pinterest Marketing For Creative Entrepreneurs

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“OMG Ida! I just found you on Pinterest! Teach me your ways!”

This message just popped into my DMs, and luckily for you, I’d already planned an episode all about Pinterest for creatives so I just bumped it up in my schedule. 

And before you tune me out thinking your audience isn’t on Pinterest, or people only use Pinterest to plan their wedding or their meal prep, hear me out, I want to ask you to stick around for this episode. You might be surprised!

While summer might not be the best time for Pinterest traffic, more people outside etc, I do think that any time is great to start putting effort into your Pinterest account because of the long term growth you’ll see. 

Pinterest is not like any other social media platform. In fact, it’s not even a social media platform at all. It’s actually a search engine, disguised as a social media platform.

As a Pinterest user:

You don’t really interact with others.

You type in search – I use it for anything from brand research to house renovation planning and meal planning, but never to really share with others, more to share with myself right. 

So what’s the deal with Pinterest for business? Why should we care?

Well you know I’m all about adding more hygge into our lives as entrepreneurs, and I think Pinterest marketing is perfect for this. 

Nope, it’s not at all a quick marketing strategy, but if you’re in it for the long game, Pinterest marketing is definitely for you. 

I have a pin that has been shared by over 500 times just on the Tailwind communities. That is not counting repins and all of that. And you when I checked it this morning there were 38 new repins. But guess what. That one has my old branding. Meaning I shared that one to this specific community at least over a year ago. 

How often does that happen with your Instagram feed?! That posts from over a year and a half ago (or more) resurface and regain popularity? Hardly ever. 

Why Pinterest marketing:

Some stats:

The most common objection to Pinterest marketing is: “my ideal client doesn’t use Pinterest”

459 million active monthly users, I refuse to believe none of those could be your potential clients. 

Women aged 25-34 represent 30.4% of Pinterest’s ad audience. 

Pinterest is not social media:

People likely won’t see your feed

You’re attracting cold traffic

Your audience is actively searching for something

Pinterest is a long game:

The half-life of a pin is around 3.5 months – compare that to Instagram

Easy to repurpose content

Easy to test and optimize over time

How to get started:

  • Set up a business account
  • Verify your website (look for that globe next to your url on your profile)
  • Enable rich pins for extra info and search power
  • Write your profile description and create some boards
  • Sign up for Tailwind (go to

My approach to Pinterest marketing:

The part you’re really here for! 

I started out very aggressively, I think 25 pins per day! Now I literally only batch pins whenever I have time, and I hate to admit it is the first thing to fall when things get busy. But then I pick back up and it’s like nobody noticed. My account still grew and it’s very forgiving. 

  • That Pin I mention that has been shared so many times, it’s all about how to take one piece of content and turn it into several pins
  • Be an early adapter on the platform
    • I created three video pins last summer. I want to use the term video loosely here, because they were really just slideshows that I made in keynote and saved as mp4 files. 
    • One of them has been viewed over 1.1 million times. 
    • I created some story pins earlier this year (they just changed the name to idea pins), again, just literally slideshows with some different images for brands, and again, 440 thousand views. 
  • Use Tailwind to make the process easier – share to communities according to their rules, share from other people, and also share your own stuff
  • Vertical pins (2:3 ratio is preferred)
  • Use descriptions – think of this in SEO terms, we want to think what people would be searching to find this pin, but not keyword stuff 
    • EX: Fine art wedding photographer website, Showit website inspiration
    • Pro Tip here: use the Pinterest search bar to help you find new keywords! Type in the first couple of words and see what gets suggested 
  • Share one pin to several relevant boards, but spread it out using Tailwind (I like to do two-ish weeks in between)
  • Use group boards, but be sure to read their rules
  • Share content from other creators as well!
    • I have some boards dedicated to just my own stuff
    • Other boards that are more general or just inspirational I’ll use those to share from others too

So what exactly should you pin? Head over to this post to learn what I pin and how to make it stretch!

This post contains affiliate links! That means I may get a kickback at no additional cost to you. I only share things I love and use in my own business.

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