As much as your brand should be catered to them, it is also about you

After all, you’re a huge part of what sets your business apart from others.

My approach is simple — I’ll help you and your work shine, in the best way possible. Like a good picture frame, your brand and website should make your work look its best, so that the connections start immediately, and the sales feel easy.

Through elevated branding and Showit website design, we'll craft an online home you'll finally be proud to show off.

Let's elevate your brand, so you can be seen by those who are for you.

when you're ready to stand out 

as seen in:

Hi - I'm Ida! 

After moving to the US in my early 20s, I quickly realized that the American dream came with a side of hustle culture and more is more mentality. 

In an effort to add more hygge and less hustle to the American dream (I am Euopean after all), I set out to do things differently — to run a thriving business while leaving room for life, and creating impactful designs that allow my clients to do the same. 

I believe good design doesn’t have to be complicated, and that sophistication can be found in simplicity.

When I'm not behind my computer working, you can find me sipping on a latte, knitting my next sweater, renovating yet another house, and spending time with my husband, Hunter and baby girl, Nora.

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Where Scandinavian Minimalism meets Southern Charm

To add more hygge and less hustle to your life and business through intentional brand and website design.

my mission:


with people you love.

frustrations, or anything

often enjoyed with

warm blankets, and candlelight



emotionally overwhelming,



If you're ready to add more hygge and less hustle to your life and business — without sacrificing profit or impact along the way, The Hygge Power Hour might be the perfect fit for you!

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