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Strategic testimonials can convert website visitors into clients without any sales effort from you. It’s the magic solution to increasing sales.

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Episode 6: The Key To Testimonials That Convert

Pricing can be such a struggle for creative entrepreneurs. What do we do if someone tells us we’re too expensive?

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Episode 5: How to deal with clients saying you’re too expensive

Creating a raving client experience is all about setting the right expectations with your clients. Episode 4 of the Hygge Hour Podcast explores how!

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Episode 4: Creating A Raving Client Experience

I’m so excited about todays episode, because as a brand and website designer you might think that I’m always for a rebrand or refresh of your brand and website, but the fact is that i’m not. And I dont always think it’s the right time to rebrand your business. So if you’ve been thinking about […]


Episode 3: Is it time for a rebrand?

Have you ever sat down and thought about what you would tell your younger business owner self if you were to go back and give yourself some advice? It’s always so interesting to take a look at the things we did the hard way, because we thought it was what we were supposed to do, […]


Episode 2: Five things I would tell my younger business owner self

It all started in the parking lot of Home Goods…  Isn’t that how every good story starts? In today’s episode, I’m gonna share the story of Hygge Design Co and how I went from 9-5 side hustler to laid off and full time business owner.  After a trip down memory lane, I realized there are […]


Episode 1: From 9-5 side hustler to laid off & full time business owner – The Story of Hygge Design Co


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