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I’m so excited about todays episode, because as a brand and website designer you might think that I’m always for a rebrand or refresh of your brand and website, but the fact is that i’m not. And I dont always think it’s the right time to rebrand your business. So if you’ve been thinking about […]


Episode 3: Is it time for a rebrand?

Have you ever sat down and thought about what you would tell your younger business owner self if you were to go back and give yourself some advice? It’s always so interesting to take a look at the things we did the hard way, because we thought it was what we were supposed to do, […]


Episode 2: Five things I would tell my younger business owner self

It all started in the parking lot of Home Goods…  Isn’t that how every good story starts? In today’s episode, I’m gonna share the story of Hygge Design Co and how I went from 9-5 side hustler to laid off and full time business owner.  After a trip down memory lane, I realized there are […]


Episode 1: From 9-5 side hustler to laid off & full time business owner – The Story of Hygge Design Co

Building a custom Showit website and brand for Richmond Wedding photographer Kailey Brianne Photography was incredible. Kailey is insanely talented as a photographer and cares so deeply for her clients, and we had to create something to do it all justice.

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Showit website design and branding for wedding photographer Kailey Brianne Photography

Within 24 hours of launch, Cassie had already booked a client 2k higher than she has ever charged. Investing in a custom brand and Showit website is already paying off!

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Custom brand and Showit website for wedding videographer Little Eye Film Co

Kicking off the year with a custom brand and Showit template customization for Greensboro wedding videographers Point200 was incredible! Point200 has been in business for five years and decided it was finally time to invest in a custom brand to really show off the experience that they provide for their clients. Being a husband and […]

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Custom branding and Showit template customization for videographers Point200

Using a Showit Pricing Guide Template can help you communicate your value and price anchor your service helping you book more ideal clients. Easily get started with your Showit Pricing Guide template today!

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Using a Showit Pricing Guide Template to Book More Ideal Clients

After significant business shifts in the past year, it was finally time for Madalyn Yates Photography to invest in a custom Showit website.

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Custom Showit website for photographer Madalyn Yates Photography

If you’re a service-based business owner, chances are you’ve heard this one before. You start thinking about how you can make yourself fit into their budget (usually not the best idea), crunch numbers to see what your break even would be, maybe even mention it to a business friend, only to remind yourself your prices are what they are for a reason.

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How to deal with clients saying you’re too expensive

Creating a custom brand design for Maryland wedding photographer Amanda Wose Photography could not have been any sweeter. After nearly four years in business, Amanda felt it was finally time to showcase the true secret sauce of her business — herself! As creatives in a saturated industry, it can feel difficult to stand out from […]

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Custom brand design for Amanda Wose Photography


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