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Norwegian turned Southerner (y'all and all included) helping you mix the best of Scandinavian hygge with American Entrepreneurship through strategic Showit websites and actionable business tips.

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Hygge Design Co Brand and Website Launch


For a couple of months, I’ve had this strong urge (like a tug on my heart) to rebrand my business. I’m a firm believer that rebranding shouldn’t be done “just because,” but after evaluating where I was, where I wanted to be, and most of all who I wanted to be serving, I realized it was time for some realignment. 

2019 was a big year for Hygge Design Co. I switched from a personal based brand to the Hygge Design Co brand early in the year, and found new purpose and mission in my business by doing so. When I initially started my business, I’d heard everyone say that a brand built on you and your own name is the easiest, and while this might be true, I found it to also be challenging for myself to show up online. Hygge Design Co allowed me greater separation between myself and my business, which was just what I needed to be a more confident business owner. 

When I started Hygge Design Co, I was in the early stages of design. I didn’t quite know my own style yet, and I certainly didn’t know as much about color psychology and color theory as I do now. The colors chosen for the brand were mostly a result of trying to be trendy, or fit in with people I admired, and not not so much a result of the brand values and vision that I wanted to communicate. This also resulted in colors that didn’t necessarily work as well together as they could have, which I’m soo glad to finally have fixed!

After wrapping up Madalyn’s project, realizing more and more about my ideal client, but also realizing more about what and who Hygge Design is, the tug on my heart only grew stronger. It was time I put myself through the heartwork I use for my clients, took a step back from the business, and looked at it from an outside perspective. 

I’m thrilled to be sharing the new Hygge Design Co brand and website with you today. Rooted in cozy neutrals, the essence of Hygge (at least to me), heavily inspired by Norwegian culture and design, and a sprinkle of the magic my clients claim I provide their businesses, I feel refreshed, aligned, and most of all excited to be kicking off 2020 with this new look and feel.

Here’s a little look at the new Hygge Design Co brand for you:

As Hygge Design Co has grown and evolved this year, so has the website. Sometimes, that’s ok, but other times, it’ll need a solid overhaul because each little tweak, adjustment, or incorporation brings it away from the initial design and intentionality. It became evident to me that the new brand deserved a full website overhaul (not just little tweaks here and there). Are you ready for it? 

Here it is:

Maybe some of this resonates with you and your business?

I think it’s important to remember that a brand refresh or overhaul doesn’t necessarily mean that what we have is bad. It can just mean that we have grown (this is awesome!) or gained clarity, and our brand needs to reflect these discoveries more clearly! If you’re ready to do some heartwork, connect with your ideal clients, and have a website that feels like a true online home for your business, I’d love to chat!

Let’s grab a virtual coffee and see how we can transform your business!

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