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Brand Launch – Gracie Withers Photography

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Have you ever seen a fake first look before? The ones where a friend of the groom dresses up as a bride and taps him on the shoulder instead of the actual bride?

I hadn’t either until one of my good friends was asked to dress up as the fake bride for a college friend of ours wedding. Since I was his ride to the wedding, I got to help escort him into the building and hide him from the unsuspecting groom.

And that is also when we met Gracie. She had the honor of photographing this entire thing (and the real first look that happened afterward). She was trying her best not to laugh at the incredibly hilarious situation and keeping a straight face as she directed the groom in place. Since the wedding, Gracie and I started following each other on social media, and we’ve become what you’d call Instagram friends – you know the kinds where you like each other’s photos and leave nice comments to be supportive. 

I was so excited when Gracie reached out telling me it was time for her to finally get her brand in order. She has wanted to do this for over a year but was waiting for the right time and the right person to do it all for her. 

Before showing the big reveal, let me paint a little picture of Gracie. She is a wedding and family photographer, she’s also very athletic, energetic and extremely down to earth. She wanted her new brand to be able to reflect that, and she made sure to let me know early on that scripts and girly girly things are not her things. 

It was so interesting to watch her go through this process, and she admitted that some of these questions were things she hadn’t really thought about, despite how long she’s been in business. Based on how I know Gracie, and the information she provided through the strategy process, we came up with the perfect balance. 

This brand strikes a balance between boldness, without being too bossy, vibrant and creative, yet down to earth and approachable. Overall, balance is the perfect word to describe all of this. 

Are you ready to see how we transformed Gracie’s brand? Take a look below!

Now the real question – are you ready to get a refresh on your own brand and website? I’d love to help! Learn more about working with me:

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