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Pinterest audit & Strategy

30 min video chat overview of your account
Recommendations for optimizations
Tailored Pinterest strategy delivered after the call for you to implement



Pinterest Management

Publish an average of 20 pins/day (600/month)
Pin both original content and repins using Tailwind *
Keyword rich descriptions using Pinterest best practices
Up to 10 pins created/month based on template **
Monthly report of analytics


*Tailwind subscription required

**We can discuss this more closely during our call!



+ My clients aren’t on Pinterest, how can I benefit?

There's over 250 million people on Pinterest, so I'm sure we can find them! Maybe we just need to look in a different area?

+ My business is complex, can Pinterest still help?

Yes! Chances are, if you're serving multiple types of audiences, we can still get great results from Pinterest! For instance, if you're a Photographer + Educator, we can tailor pins to brides/couples and pins to current/aspiring photographers!

+ I thought Pinterest was just for recipes and DIY inspo?

Nope! Pinterest is so much more! It's the top traffic driver for our site, and we love it. Not to mention it'll do the work while we sleep!

+ How does this work?

I'm glad you asked! We'll set up a strategy call to discuss your current Pinterest profile and create a new strategy. Then, I'll take over monthly management of your Pinterest account. I'll update you monthly with stats and suggestions for improvement so we can be on our A-game.

+ Does Pinterest help me grow my list?

Yes, yes, yes! Pinterest is the #1 way we grow our list. I'll help you come up with some content ideas and ways to advertise your freebies so we can grow your list with Pinterest.

+ What's Tailwind?

Basically my best friend! Tailwind is the approved Pinterest scheduler that I use to grow your Pinterest account. I love Tailwind and how powerful it is. I do require you to have your own subscription for this service.

+ I'm not good at keeping up with my blog...

I can help! If the thought of blogging makes you cringe, get in touch! I'd love to work with you behind the scenes getting your content out to the world!


Let’s Do This!

Fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch to schedule a strategy call! This will help us make sure we’re a good fit, and see how Pinterest can help you grow your business.